Now it's finally time to run the wiring and install the recessed lighting. Wiring the lights would have been a piece of cake if I had attic access but since I didn't, I had to run the wires to each light by drilling through the joists.

Before you start drilling, be sure to read the following to make sure you drill the holes according to building codes (IRC R502.8 and R802.7) and not weaken them. Here's a few links:
The Family Handyman
This Old House

And some PDFs in case the links ever go away:
Notching & Boring Guide ( PDF)
Construction Tip Sheet ( PDF)
Building/Structural Code Requirements ( PDF)

I had to cut a hole in the ceiling next to each joist in order to get at it with the drill. When cutting the holes, I marked and saved the pieces I cut out so I could reuse them when time comes to patch the ceiling.

Once you're done running all the wiring, simply connect them to the lights following the manufacturer's instructions, then patch the wall and ceiling:

If you're not sure how to patch drywall, there's plenty of videos on YouTube.

Enjoy your lights!!